8 Most Scenic Train rides in Switzerland

Everyone agrees that road trips are the best kind of trips but you have to make Switzerland an exception.The trains in Switzerland go everywhere and are amongst the finest rail way systems in the world . I loved every single second staring out from the train’s windows.And whenever a ticket conductor came, I felt as if I was missing out so much beauty .Unfortunately Switzerland is probably one of the most expensive country to travel and it is impossible to take all the beautiful routes  it has to offer. These are the  8 most beautiful railway journeys that you can take across the country.

  1. Glacier Express (Chur – Zermatt) 
  2. Bernina Express(Chur – Tirano)
  3. Golden Pass line (Lucerne – Bruenig pass – Interlaken – Montreux)
  4. Jungfraujoch Top of Europe
  5. The Gotthard Panorama Express  (Combination of boat and train between Lucerne and Lugano)
  6. Voralpenen express ( Lucerne and St. Gallen)
  7. Bern to Interlaken 
  8. RegioExpress Lötschberger route (Zermatt to Brig)


Make sure you go up via one route and go down via the other. This way you will see the most of this stunning Alpine area and also worth the expensive price ticket.

(Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg- Jungfrau -Kleine Scheidegg- Grindelwald-Interlaken)


Looking over Grindelwald


Kleine Scheidegg train station (2,061 m)


Train view of the Jungfrau Railway


the lovely swiss cottages

Lucerne To Interlaken

Most of us will take this route because both luzerne (lucerne ) and interlaken are very popular places in Switzerland. This route is also part of golden pass line ( make sure you buy the train that pass by Bruening pass) and dun forget to look outside when arriving Bruening. The view is just breathtaking. 


golden pass line



Bern/Thun to Interlaken

This train route is from Bern( the capital city of switzerland) and interlaken (the major town in Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland). This route is also very beautiful because it will go through  two of Switzerland ‘s most beautiful lakes ( lake thun and lake brienz)



The Gotthard Panorama Express  

It is originally known called as Wilhelm Tell Express until 2016. This route is combination of boat and train between Lucerne ( German speaking town) and Lugano( Italian speaking town). We travelled by this route as our next stop was Milan.


lake brienz

Look at the beautiful fall colours


lake luzerne

The water was super blue and clean ( straight from the Alps)

lake thun

Unfortunately we didn’t travel through two of Switzerland’s most famous railways routes. Our destination was Bernese Overland and Zermatt was way too far. We also had to make last minute change of plan on our Bernina Route as well because of the weather.

Experiencing train rides in the swiss alps has been one of the most privileged thing happened in my life and I would definitely recommend to include these on everyone travel bucket lists.

beautiful train ride Switzerland

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